Pledge to Heal

We are committed to offering help and healing to victims and survivors of abuse.

Anyone who has suffered sexual abuse or exploitation by a priest or anyone else involved in Church ministry in the Diocese of New Ulm should immediately report such misconduct to local law enforcement, regardless of when the misconduct occurred.

Contact information for county law enforcement and social service agencies for the fifteen counties of the Diocese of New Ulm (Updated 2017).

Victims and survivors of abuse in Church ministry are also encouraged to contact the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator or the Bishop’s Delegate in Matters Pertaining to Sexual Misconduct at 1421 6th Street North, New Ulm, MN 56073, phone: 507-233-5313, for counseling or other assistance in healing.

We recognize that an important part of the healing process for many victims and survivors is disclosure of the names of those credibly accused. For this reason, the Diocese of New Ulm has worked closely with the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates to identify the names of those men who are the subject of credible claims of sexual abuse of a minor reported to have occurred when they were assigned as priests.

See the disclosure list, along with assignment histories and other information about those credibly accused.