Message to Victims and Survivors

“We have heard and read of these horrific acts by priests who are entrusted with the pastoral care of the flock of Jesus Christ. We have been stunned, angered, scandalized and deeply saddened by these inconceivable acts. To the victims of these acts I offer my sincere apologies. You have shown great courage by telling your story.” Bishop John LeVoir

The tragedy of sexual abuse by priests has caused terrible harm to victims and survivors, their families and loved ones, and to our communities.

This violation of sacred trust must be acknowledged. Victims and survivors must be heard and helped. The Church cannot forget the pain caused and lives shattered as it moves forward with a promise to protect and a pledge to heal.

Many victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse suffer through years of anguish before being ready to report what happened to them. Their courage is recognized and these brave men and women are respected.